Check Your Masonry Contractor Before You Hire in Florida

The quality of workmanship you receive when hiring a mason in Orlando can make or break your project. Unfortunately, not all contractors offer high standards and it’s important to do research before signing on anything.  A few obvious questions will come to mind like what qualifications do they have?  How long has the company been doing this type of work? Let’s take a closer look at some of the most critical questions you need to ask your masonry contractor before you hire.

No Substitute For Experience

It’s important to find a mason who can do more than one type of job. Just as there are different types of masonry, some contractors are better suited for certain materials or property types. Make sure they have the skill set necessary for your project before hiring them. It’s important to know about the contractor’s accreditations, including whether or not they’re members of an industry association. Association membership can provide you with valuable insight into how trustworthy your chosen company is and what types of specialties it has that might be relevant to your project. Also don’t neglect to check out any reviews you might find.

Project Management

You don’t want a contractor who has no plan. Ask them how they intend to manage the project. Who are the subcontractors? What time frame are you looking at? Don’t forget to discuss the cleanup and costs involved. This is all necessary to figure out your budget as well as an opportunity to figure out which contractor will be best suited to your property and the specific job at hand.

Selecting the right masonry contractor for your specific project is the most important part of the process. Getting the correct information before you start any project will go a long way towards planning ahead for any problems or possible delays.

Licensing and Insurances

It’s a good idea to make sure your contractor has professional licenses and insurance. If they don’t, you could end up footing the bill for any accidents that happen on site.  It is also imperative for homeowners themselves to ensure their own protection by checking your State’s guidelines and compliance certificates for all necessary qualifications before hiring someone. Everyone involved in the process should have the necessary experience and certifications. If you’re interested in masonry work in the Orlando area, get in touch with Stone Wall Services!


Get Every Detail For The Job That Lies Ahead

Detailed descriptions of the work being performed should be supplied. It must include specific product names or qualities/specifications used for this project. All details should be noted down and where applicable actual material samples should be supplied upon request.

Tax Information

It is against the law for contractors to take payment without providing tax information. This practice could result in legal action and possible fines, so it’s best not to do this at all!

Compare Estimates From at Least 3 Contractors

It goes without saying that you absolutely have to compare estimates. This is not only to get a better idea of the costs involved but also the opportunity to figure out which contractor is the most qualified and best suited to your particular project.