Nothing Beats a Beautifully Designed Masonry Fireplace

The fireplace is the ultimate symbol of warmth and security in any home. One can’t help but smile when they see their favorite fire sweeping across an open grate, or billowing out smoke from its chimneypiece – it’s simply beautiful! There are so many different designs you could go with for your own personal space. […]


The Most Common Causes of Masonry Damage in Florida

Masonry structures are popular in residential and commercial construction because they provide a durable foundation that also adds beauty to the building’s exterior. However, masonry can be damaged by several factors which lead to weaknesses – such as poor quality materials or improper installation techniques.  This is why it’s imperative for homeowners who choose these […]


Check Your Masonry Contractor Before You Hire in Florida

The quality of workmanship you receive when hiring a mason in Orlando can make or break your project. Unfortunately, not all contractors offer high standards and it’s important to do research before signing on anything.  A few obvious questions will come to mind like what qualifications do they have?  How long has the company been […]


Everything You Need To Know About Stone Masonry

Stone masonry is an elegant, long-lasting way to add beauty and value to your home. There are tons of different types out there for you to choose from – so let’s take a look at some basic ones. What is Stone Masonry? There are many benefits to using stone masonry in your home. The durability and […]


The Variety of Stonework For Your Home is Endless

Homeowners should always consider the long-term value of their homes when making decisions. A wise homeowner makes careful choices and chooses materials for example, which will have an impact on how high that property can price later down the line. When you think about adding a touch of class and character to your home, there […]